English/Serbian freelance interpreter and translator based in Belgrade, Serbia. I work for international organizations, private companies and state authorities from Serbia and abroad.

I provide interpreting in all three modes: simultaneous, consecutive and chuchotage-whispering. My preferred mode is simultaneous (conference interpreting) and I am extremely thankful for the technology that makes it possible. I also feel comfortable appearing before the media and I regularly interpret at press conferences and live on TV.

When it comes to translation of written documents, I am comfortable working in many different areas and am extremely skilful in finding the right term every time, but I am also not afraid or ashamed to consult professionals working in a given field when I need clarification or advice.

I hold an MA degree in English language and literature from the Faculty of Philology, University of Belgrade. I also speak some German and Spanish and continue to study them on my own, with hopes of being able to use them for work one day.

Any additional info available upon request.
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